Weeks 13 and 14 at ABC

The past two weeks I have not been as busy so I am combining the two weeks next week will be my final week at 6 ABC and I must say I am not ready to leave. During the past two weeks at 6 ABC, I was working on my final scripts for 6 ABC so I did not do a lot of work with producers and shows. One of the Camera Men who has been there for over 18 straight years so we celebrated his hard work at ABC. But I finally finished my script for my three shows. I did a swoop radio show, a highlight video and my sports center top 10 plays.

On Friday, I finally got the late night off so during the day I and the other interns have discussed possibly doing a newscast before we all left. So now for my last week, I plan to write my script for the newscast. I also have an intern luncheon next week as well so I had to also create questions to ask the ABC president and other hiring employees. Below are my final video projects on the scripts I have been working on.



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