Week 10 at ABC


This week at ABC I was not in Philadelphia on Tuesday because of my little sister going to the army, but on Thursday I continued to write game notes and to call schools for the second round matchup of the playoffs. The Playoff list got shorter and shorter so this week the games were easier to do. With the extra time I had I helped a producer with the show shelter me. I set up the camera and lighting for the show and helped feed the animals while the producer was talking.


IMG-9619On Friday I was on highlights again because the other intern was not there last week so she got to choose the games for this week. I still had a great time in the rain and got to meet another new cameraman who might help me with a future job but we will see. Next week will be the final week that I will work on High School Huddle I cannot believe that that show is almost over already. Man does time fly!

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