Week 8 at ABC


This week at ABC was another amazing week as time flies by the more I realize how much time I have left at ABC. I can not believe I have already been their for two months now and I continue to learn and grow from them.


On Tuesday and Thursday I did the same thing I went on a small camera shoot for expert picks and did a lot of game notes. Since this was the last week of the regular season for New Jersey and PA schools, I had to do more research than usual. I had to look up the big matchups for the week and highlight key players. However, on Thursday I got to edit my first video and I am not going to lie I had a lot of fun with it. The link will be below at the bottom of the article.


On Friday their was a lot of pink out games and senior nights due to the final week and seeing the ceremonies made me think about my life and my perspective. I am a completely different person now then when I was a senior in high school.  But this week I was on highlights so me and a camera man went out to four high schools and luckily every game was a blow out so I was back in the studio before 9:30 which never happens.

My First Edited Video




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