Week 7 at ABC



56140085343--37FFCAD8-0A7E-433C-81CD-4782303F8328This week at ABC I finally took the time to go on an event outside of the shows that I was working on (High School Huddle and Expert Picks). I got to go to a Brewery in West Philadelphia called the Dock Street Brewery. This Brewery also has its own pizza restaurant and has its own bar which is opened Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I got to help the cameraman out with his shots of beer cans and the interview shot. I am slowly getting better and better with setting up lighting. The shoot went from 12-4:00 in the afternoon so by the time I came back my day was pretty much over. I finished with doing game notes and calling other schools.

IMG-9387On Thursday I got to work on expert picks again, I did not get to produce but I did get a couple of my lines on the show. The producer is trusting me more and more as this internship goes. I also, finished my game notes since on Tuesday I fell a little bit behind because of the shoot.

On Friday, show day this week I got to go to Game of the Week which was Deptford vs. West Deptford. I was expecting a blow out because Deptford was ranked 106 in the state and West Deptford was ranked 12th but the game was super close with West Deptford winning 28-21. I was in charge of the stats and writing a headline recapping the Game of the Week.

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