Week 6 at ABC


While the past two weeks I was lucky enough to meet two stars. This week I may not have met a media icon but I was able to produce my first ever sports show this week. On Tuesday my producer surprised me by coming up to me and asking me to produce his own segment called Expert Picks. The link of the show will be below. So for the whole day instead of doing game notes all day, I was in charge of writing a script and working with the actual producer with the final script and helping out the reporters with their show lines.

IMG_9379On Thursday, I got to create a couple of social media mems for the action news to tease their audience before the news. While doing that, I also finished all of the game notes and went on a shoot that involved snakes and a tortious.


On Friday I was in charge of Highlights so me and a camera man went to four games and found that one special highlight for each game. Traffic was so awful it took us 2 hours just to get out of the city, luckily we left at 4. On the way back to 6 ABC, our google maps started to mess up so, we did not get back to the studio until 11 that latest I have ever been. Luckily my stats were on point so there was no stress.

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