Week 5 at ABC


This week at ABC marked the end of my first month of the internship and this internship has been awesome.


On Tuesday, I was doing game notes and calling schools for the usual show I have been assigned to help out. Around 2:00 p.m my advisor comes up and tells me that Alex Trebek is at ABC right now. For those who do not know who he is, Alex Trebek is the host for the famous show called Jeopardy. So I got a chance to met with him and talk to him about how he became a game show hosts and took a picture with him.




On Thursday I finished up on my game notes and helped a cameraman set up for this show called shelter me. For this week’s show, a small little puppy was getting featured so the animal that was a little jumpier and giddy compared to the other pets that were on the show before. So, it took longer to shoot film of the dog. After the show, I went on another shoot and met Jaws a former Eagles QB and an Eagles media icon. We talked about the Eagles vs. Titans game and what we had to do to stop Minnesota.


Friday I went to Game of the Week again, and got to write the highlights of the game and got to sit and enjoy a great football game. The game I went to was Quakertown vs. Upper Dublin. Upper Dublin won 14-13 after coming back from a 13-0 deficit at halftime. After I looked up scores and got to watch the show at 11:30.

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